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Municipal Campuses, Streetscapes & Parks

Dale Design, Inc. understands and embraces the complexity of urban environments.  A combination of site elements -- including paving, lighting and site furniture -- promotes urban vitality and a pedestrian-friendly, active lifestyle.  

Parks & Recreation Areas

    Pete's Park, Beverly, MA

    Herald and Greeley Squares

        New York, NY

    Ronan Park, Dorchester, MA


    Brookline Village Streetscape 

        Brookline, MA

    Washington Street Streetscape

        Canton, MA

    Village Center & Streetscape

        Conway, MA

Municipal/Town Campuses

    Grandview Farm Conference &                       

        Training Center, Burlington, MA

    Oak Bluffs Municipal Campus

        Martha's Vineyard, MA

    Gloucester, MA Transportation-      

        Oriented Development Plan


    Kilmarnock Park, Boston, MA   

    Brewer Burroughs Playground

        Jamaica Plain, MA


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